A walk through the Back to the Past museum is like taking a walk through the Paleozoic era. Starting with the Lower Cambrian time period we see how trilobites evolved and adapted to the changing environments and the rapidly transforming seas of the Paleozoic. It is like watching evolution in action! The back to the past Museum has specimens from 14 countries from around the world. There are nearly 300 different species on display!

The collection boasts some of the finest specimens of many of the species in existence. Countless hours were spent out in the field, in the lab, and in the office to make this incredible display possible.

The posters section of the Museum highlights many of the most important trilobite and fossil localities from across the globe. Each poster features a trilobite locality and explains a little bit about the geology and history of each location.

The museum will be constantly changing and evolving with new discoveries. We hope to provide inspiration to those unsuspecting guests of the Azul Senstatori. With an exhibit on searching for trilobites, it is our hope that the people who walk into the museum realize how accessible fossils are no matter where on the planet they live.